Bretagne-Schuller to become Bretagne-Séché Environnement

New French sponsor commits for three years

The Professional Continental team Bretagne-Schuller will be known as Bretagne-Séché Environnement next season. The French team is still looking to ride the Tour de France in 2013.

Séché Environnement is a French waste treatment company, specializing in the recovery and treatment of household, business and industrial waste. It has committed to supporting the team for three years.

The French team started in 2005 as a Continental-ranked team, moving up to ProContinental ranking in 2010. It has 10 wins this season, including the overall title at the Ronde de l'Oise. The wins have come from six riders, with Jean-Luc Delpech. Eric Berthau, Jean-Marc Bideau and Florian Vachon bringing in two victories each.

It is currently ranked ninth in the UCI's Europe Tour.

The team made headlines this spring when its president Joël Blévin resigned when the team did not receive a wildcard invitation to the Tour de France. He said, "I take responsibility for this failure, and therefore I present my resignation."

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