Brazil's Real Cycling Team ends

Lack of sponsorship kills nacent project

After just one year in existence, Brazil's Real Cycling Team will come to an end after failing to secure sponsorship for the 2013 season.

The announcement was made over the weekend on the team's website by the Associação Bike Brasil which managed the team, in order to allow riders who are under contract to seek offers from other teams.

The Real Cycling Team counted 13 victories in 2012, with veteran Edgardo Simon taking four wins: one stage of the Vuelta al Uruguay, two stages of the Tour do Rio and one in the Tour do Brasil. Kleber Ramos Silva won the overall Tour do Rio and a stage, and a stage of the Rutas de Americas. Francisco Ramon Chamorro was victorious twice in the Rutas de Americas and twice in the Tour do Brasil.

"Thanks to everyone who has sent us messages of support, encouraging us in the most challenging competitions. Also, to those who at all times expressed their admiration and affection," the message read.

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