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Boom only briefly back in the 'cross world circuit

Cycling News
December 15, 2011, 20:12 GMT,
December 15, 2011, 20:14 GMT
Second Edition Cycling News, Thursday, December 15, 2011
UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup #5
Lar Boom (Rabobank) takes the win despite starting a minute down on his rivals

Lar Boom (Rabobank) takes the win despite starting a minute down on his rivals

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Dutchman riding in the field only “for pleasure”

Lars Boom is back on the cyclo-cross circuit, but only for a handful of races which he is riding “for pleasure”.  After winning the Boonen & Friends charity 'cross race earlier this month, he is ready to take on the World Cup race at Namur this coming weekend.

“I want to maintain my condition with 'cross, try to maintain everything.  I am starting this season with the later races because last year I was already good in Zolder and that was early,” he told  “That is the main reason why I am starting with Namur.”

Boom, a former World champion, is now concentrating on the road for Team Rabobank, and said that he will ride six races this year, ending with the Dutch championship “for pleasure.”  While he wants to do well “it will be difficult to win a cross race, but I'll just enjoy participating.”  If he could pick one race to win, it would be the national championship, which title he has won every year since 2001 as a junior, Under 23 and elite.

He suggested that two-time world champion Zdenek Stybar, who this season is having problems, is spreading himself too thin.  Boom said, “You can see that something's wrong. He has lost a lot of speed.  It is good that he himself says and knows that.  He has a lot of ambition, both on the road and in the field.  That is good and very normal, but you have to know when to drop something.”

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