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Boogerd, Dekker questioned in Austrian blood-doping investigation

Susan Westemeyer
December 19, 2009, 10:45 GMT,
December 19, 2009, 10:51 GMT
First Edition Cycling News, Saturday, December 19, 2009
Dutchman Michael Boogerd in 2007

Dutchman Michael Boogerd in 2007

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Dekker still waiting for word on EPO suspension

Michael Boogerd and Thomas Dekker were questioned in the Netherlands this week about their possible involvement with an Austrian doping ring.

The Dutchmen are under investigation by Austrian authorities in connection with Stefan Matschiner and the blood-doping scandal disclosed by suspended rider Bernhard Kohl.

Boogerd, who is retired, and Dekker, who is suspended for a separate doping offence, had refused to travel to Austria on the grounds they had nothing to say in the matter.

The two rode for Rabobank at the time of the alleged doping. Their lawyer, Hans van Oijen, told the Dutch website, “Personally, if Rabobank is not worried [about this questioning], then I think things are all right.”

Dekker still waiting

Dekker, 25, is still awaiting final word from the Monaco Cycling Union on the length of his suspension for EPO. His positive result for the drug came from a sample taken in December 2007, however, the sample was only tested this summer. Dekker confessed to having used the drug when the B-sample was also positive.

Dekker, who rode under a licence from Monaco, was told that the cycling federation would have a final decision in his case in mid-November. “But since then we have heard nothing,” Van Oijen said.

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