BMW Bianchi women’s team rolls into 2007

The BMW-Bianchi women's team is pleased to announce that both of its title sponsors have again...

The BMW-Bianchi women's team is pleased to announce that both of its title sponsors have again committed to support women's cycling. The team is part of the Capital Cycling Club of North Carolina, and club president Russ Stapleton is pleased with the renewal "We're grateful that our sponsors can see the benefit in supporting a program like ours that allows different levels of riders to develop within the same team."

In response the team has stepped up its commitment to developing women's cycling by increasing its roster to 21 women (13 elite spots and 8 developmental spots). In addition, BMW-Bianchi has three women attending world championship events this season, including multi-time junior national champion and US National Team member Lauren Shirock. "Taking riders like Lauren on board and providing not only financial support but more racing experience is one of the main focuses of this program. We have lots of talented women who are new to the sport, and experienced racers as well. Combine the two and you can produce racers with the skills to take them as far as their talent lets them go," said Stapleton.

In addition to a full schedule of regional racing, select NRC single day and stage races, the team will be lining up for the Commerce Bank Triple Crown series near Philadelphia, and the team will be supporting its riders as they tackle national and world championship competitions.

Elite Team: Ashley Anderson, Kim Foland, Liz Griffith, Tonya Lail, Sara LeGrand, Nancy Lux, Cara McCauley, Cora Olson, Missy Petty, Kim Sawyer, Lauren Shirock, Patty Shoaf, Laura Weislo

Developmental Team: Janet Edgerton, Kelly McLaughlin, Carol Rockett, Tina Weiler, Hannah Whitaker, Gail DeCamp, Tracy Parker, Amy Slater

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