Becca's home and offices searched in Luxembourg

Investigation tax-related and not team-related

Police in Luxembourg have searched the house and offices of Flavo Becca, the financier behind Team Leopard Trek. The searches are thought to be related to an ongoing tax investigation.

Justice spokesman Henri Eippers confirmed to that the searches took place on Tuesday, but would not comment further.

The searches included his private residence and several business offices, including the building which also houses the headquarters of Leopard Trek. However the searches were confined to floors that did not involve Leopard Trek and a team's spokesperson confirmed to Cyclingnews that the team was not involved and that they had been audited by the UCI earlier this year. The resulting audit produced no further investigations.

Becca is heavily involved in real estate throughout Luxembourg, including a football stadium  which includes a shopping mall and an outlet mall. He is also the main support for Leopard Trek and the football club F91.

He announced earlier this month that the team would merge with RadioShack for the coming season.

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