Augustyn plans comeback

South African recovered from injury

Former Tour de France racer John Lee Augustyn is hoping to make a comeback to pro road racing in 2013 after some time off.

The 26-year-old from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, took the year off to recover from hip surgery following an injury sustained during the Tour of Poland a few years ago.

Augustyn, a former U23 road national champion, is one of only two South Africans to have competed in all three European Grand Tours. He said he had been contacted by several parties and was considering his future options.

As he makes his comeback, Augustyn is planning to race the 28th edition of The Herald VW Cycle Tour in South Africa on February 3.

He previously raced for several pro teams: Utensilnord Named (2012), Sky (2010-2011) and Barloworld (2007-2009).

Readers may remember Augustyn from his spectacular crash, while racing in his first Tour de France in 2008. While among the stage's lead group, Augustyn misjudged a bend and was launched up and over the earthen berm at the edge of the road. He then slid down the loose, rocky slope for 30 metres before coming to a stop on a firm boulder. He was lucky to escape with just minor cuts.

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