Armstrong breaks collarbone at Exergy Tour

Olympic champion facing Olympic fitness race

Team Exergy Twenty 12's Kristin Armstrong is out of the Exergy Tour after breaking her collarbone during the prologue on Thursday evening. The 38-year-old Olympic time trial champion came off her bike and suffered a nasty fall at the race's U-turn in Boise, Idaho, which is her hometown. She picked herself up and got back on her bike to complete the stage but was clearly in pain as she clutched her shoulder.

The American was immediately ushered into the on-site medical centre where she received pain killers and underwent an examination by doctors. They deemed the injury serious enough to warrant an X-ray at a local hospital, where it was revealed that she had broken her collarbone.

Armstrong's husband, Joe Savola, confirmed the news to the press and stated that he expected his wife to be back training on a bike within days. Armstrong faces a race in time to be fit for the London 2012 Olympic Games, which start at the end of July. She had been expected to be selected to defend her title there for the US team.

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