Aqua Blue Sport wear Catlike helmets at Vuelta a Espana

Team switches from Giro mid-season

Aqua Blue Sport made its Grand Tour debut at the Vuelta a Espana this month and have made the switch to Spanish helmet manufacturer Catlike for the race.

The team also marked their appearance at the race with a switch to a white jersey from the team's traditional blue jersey.

Up until the opening team time trial stage, the Pro Continental team had been wearing Giro helmets throughout the season and whilst a jersey switch has become a common trend at Grand Tours in recent years, changing technical accessories is a rarer occurrence.

On the opening stage time trial, the Irish registered team wore the Catlike Rapide time trial model and have worn the Mixino model in the other stages leading up to the first rest day.

British sprinter Adam Blythe has also worn the Catlike Cloud model, which has a changeable central panel to offer improved aerodynamics or ventilation.

The recognisable ventilated design of the Catlike helmets had long be linked to the Spanish WorldTour team Movistar, until the team signed a contract with German security brand Abus ahead of the current season.

A spokesman for the Irish registered team added, "Aqua Blue Sport and Catlike have linked up together for a special relationship during La Vuelta 2017. The Spanish company has provided us with three distinct designs that compliment stunning looks with high-end performance."

"We would like to thank Giro for their assistance through the season."

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