Amateurs, fans welcome to try Aussie mountain bike championship course

Kona Dirty Dozen features same tracks raced by the pros

Amateur mountain bikers will have a chance to ride in the tracks of the pros at the Australian Mountain Bike National Championships next weekend. The Kona Dirty Dozen will give hundreds of "regular mountain bikers" an opportunity to try out the cross country tracks at Eagle Mountain Bike Park, the site of the nationals in Adelaide.

During the event on January 16 from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm, anybody can ride the same track as the pros. For four hours, riders will complete as many laps as they can while a timer counts individual lap times. Once the sun sets, darkness will kick in, adding to the challenge.

"This will give people who normally support and cheer the world's best mountain bikers from the sidelines a chance to get out there and ride the track themselves," said Christian Haag, Bicycle SA CEO. "Riding the Olympic Cross Country track at Eagle with the support of the Championships behind you is a fantastic one-off opportunity for mountain bikers everywhere."

During the championships, Bicycle SA and the Office for Recreation & Sport are also offering free "Come and Try MTB skills sessions". On January 15-16, experienced mountain bikers will provide skills sessions for beginners to test and practice riding obstacles, wheel lifting, and much more.

"If you are not quite ready for the Olympic Cross Country track, the be active Come and Try MTB skills sessions will give you the basics to get started." Haag said.

The inaugural Dirty Dozen is officially associated with the Australian Mountain Bike Championships.

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