Alberto Contador's 2014 Specialized and Flex-U23 teams launched in Segovia

Fundación Alberto Contador continues investment in Spanish cycling

Alberto Contador unveiled the two teams he supports, Specialized team and Flex-U23 via the Fundación Alberto Contador for the 2014 season. His commitment takes a further step forward this year in supporting the base of cycling which was initiated last year through the Fundación. 

After launching the junior Specialized team in 2013, this year, the Alberto Contador Foundation is consolidating its work with the new team U23, which has increased the number of young riders enrolled in this project a to the maximum allowed, 28. The new Flex team provides a pathway for the junior riders to continue their cycling careers.

Responsible for the project is José Luis Santos who is supported by former pro riders also Félix García Casas and Rafa Diaz Justo.

Alberto's brother, Fran Contador, is the manager and head of the Fundación and the project has managed to attract new sponsors, Flex and Northgate in particular while Specialized continue their support.

Once again it was the town of Segovia that hosted the team launch with the mayor,Pedro Arahuetes, serving as a host of the team presentation which was also attended by the CEO of Specialized Spain, Miguel Rojo, the director of marketing for Flex, Gerardo Spain, the Commercial Director of Northgate Eduardo González de La Rocha, other sponsors and the presidents of the Spanish Federation and of Castile and Leon Cycling, Jose Luis Lopez and Roberto Coca Cerrón respectively.

Alberto Contador spoke of his commitment to cycling through his sponsorship of the team, as it is "the right thing to do, because that's how come the end results, but that's not what's important to us, otherwise train the kids and make who know cycling."

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