2012 GP Herning cancelled

Danish organiser lacks sponsor, GP Himmerland also in difficulty

The Grand Prix Herning, Denmark's biggest one-day race, has been cancelled. Due to the lack of a sponsor, the UCI Cat. 1.1 event - which would have this year celebrated its 20th edition - will not take place, Danish website Feltet.dk reported.

The Europe Tour race was scheduled for April 28. "But there have been no financials to it because we have not found a sponsor. We have not had one in the past two years and it has cost the club money. And we have no desire for more," Herning bike club representative Frank Hyldgaard told Ekstrabladet.dk, however hoping that the race will take place agin in 2013.

The GP Himmerland, which should be carried out on April 29, could also experience some difficulties as teams would be less likely travel to Denmark only for one event, instead of two.

Finally, the Danish national team for the Worlds could see its number of riders reduced as Feltet.dk calculated that more than 20 percent of the UCI points needed for a 6-man team had been gained at the GP Herning last year.

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