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Mountain Bike National Championships happen year-round depending on location and discipline, but a majority of the cross country championships, among countries in the northern hemisphere, happened on the weekend of July 17-18. 

Furthermore, late September is when many nations hold their marathon national championships, as suggested by the UCI.

Below is an updated index of 2010 National Championship coverage on Cyclingnews. Click on the appropriate link to access coverage for cross country, downhill, four cross and marathon disciplines.

If you attend a national championship race over the coming weeks Cyclingnews would love to share your images with fans around the world; simply e-mail cyclingnews@cyclingnews.com with photos and captions, or if you spot any results we've missed.

Austria:cross country, marathon
Australia:cross country, short track, four cross & downhill, 24-hour solo, marathon
Belgium: cross country, downhill and four cross, marathon
Canada: downhill, cross country, four cross
Costa Rica: cross country
Croatia:cross country, downhill
Cyprus:cross country
Czech Republic: cross country, four cross
Denmark:cross country, marathon
Estonia: cross country, marathon
Finland:downhill, cross country
France: cross country, downhill and four cross, marathon
Germany: downhill, cross country, marathon
Great Britain: cross country, downhill, four cross, marathon
Hong Kong: cross country & downhill
Hungary:cross country, four cross, marathon
Ireland:cross country, marathon
Israel:cross country
Italy: downhill, cross country, marathon
Japan:cross country, downhill and four cross
Lesotho: cross country
Mexico:cross country
Namibia: cross country
Netherlands:cross country, marathon
New Zealand: dual slalom, cross country, short track, downhill, hill climb & four cross, marathon, singlespeed
Norway:cross country
Poland: cross country
Romania:cross country
Russia:cross country
Serbia:cross country
Singapore:cross country
Slovakia:cross country
Slovenia:cross country
South Africa:downhill, cross country
Spain: cross country
Sweden:cross country
Switzerland: marathon, cross country, downhill and four cross
Turkey: cross country
Ukraine:cross country
United States: marathon, cross country, downhill, four cross & super D
Venezuela:cross country, downhill and four cross

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