First look: Alex Dowsett's Hour Record bike

Photo gallery of the Canyon Speedmax WRH track bike

Movistar and Canyon believe that they have provided Alex Dowsett with the ideal machine to break the Hour Record next February.

The British rider will attempt the record at the London Olympic velodrome on February 27 and at the press conference to announce the bid, Dowsett showed off his one-of-a-kind Canyon Speedmax WRH bike.

At present the frame - a standard road set up with a few specific track modifications - is painted with a white livery with the hashtag #perfecthour donning the top tube. Come February it’s likely that the paint scheme will match Movistar’s trade team colours.

"All the cable housing holes are filled up for aerodynamics and there’s no resistance where the front end brakes would be. The rear end is different in that standard width is reduced and the drop out are perfectly horizontal rather than at an angle," said Canyon’s marketing officer Matthew Heitmann.

"Campagnolo built this specific chainring and it’s also wider but overall it’s a standard road geometry bike that he’s been riding, aside from some adjustments."

Campagnolo have also provided a new updated version of their Ghibli wheelset for the attempt and Dowsett has been hard at work training on the machine at the London velodrome over the last few weeks.

"They’ve adjusted the sprocket spacing in the rear wheel to give perfect chain alignment and Alex will be using Continental tubs and he will use the Look Aero Keo pedals," Heitmann said.

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