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Special Edition Cycling News, July 4, 2007

Date published:
July 04, 2007, 1:00 BST
  • It's been quite a climb, and now it's really time to ride

    As you know us now
    Article published:
    July 04, 2007, 1:00 BST
    Cycling News

    It's been almost eight years since I met with the founder of, Professor Bill...

    It's not often we indulge ourselves with a story about Cyclingnews, but today is different.

    It's been almost eight years since I met with the founder of, Professor Bill Mitchell, and discussed the possible acquisition of his already well-respected cycling website. Bill agreed to sell it and so Knapp Communications Pty Limited became the new owner.

    At the time, I stressed to the readers that little would change, in the short-term at least, as I worked to match Bill's passion and output. Within a day or two, I started hiring people; this was not going to be an easy spin around the park.

    A lot has and did change since September 1999, but what we did do was stay true to the original ideals and attitude that Bill laid down. So now, I am also about to roll-off and let a much bigger engine take over, a publicly-listed British company, Future plc.

    This is, if you like, the CN way of imparting the news that Cyclingnews has been sold to a much larger, publicly-listed publishing company, but one that has a demonstrated commitment to cycling. (Future publishes four cycling magazines in the UK alone, and has recently acquired, and most significantly, is about to launch a new site called

    I will remain closely involved in the day-to-day running of CN, as will the dedicated team who produce the content for this site every day. However, I knew for some time that the challenges of operating this behemoth had become formidable. It had grown to the point where we needed the support of a larger organisation. CN was a low-hanging fruit in the dot com area: independent, no baggage, undisputed category-leader in our niche with serious visitor and traffic numbers. As one suitor said to me, "you've put the genie in the bottle". There was some interest in this time of 'internet 2.0', you...