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Cycling News Flash, October 7, 2008

Date published:
October 07, 2008, 1:00 BST
  • Piepoli and Schumacher Tour de France samples positive for CERA

    Leonardo Piepoli (Saunier Duval - Scott)
    Article published:
    October 07, 2008, 0:00 BST
    Sue George and Laura Weislo

    Both Leonardo Piepoli and Stefan Schumacher have tested positive for the performance enhancing...

    Both Leonardo Piepoli and Stefan Schumacher have tested positive for the performance enhancing substance CERA (Continuous Erythropoiesis Receptor Activator) according to reports released Monday. The riders were declared positive by the French Anti-doping Agency (AFLD) which last week re-tested a number of blood samples taken during the Tour de France.

    The Italian Piepoli tested positive twice according to a statement by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), and confirmed by the AFLD on Monday. Pieopoli's results came back positive for samples taken one day prior to the Tour on July 4 and also on July 15.

    During the same edition of the Tour de France, Piepoli's team-mate and stage winner Riccardo Riccò also tested positive for the third-generation EPO. As a result, team director Mauro Gianetti pulled the entire Saunier Duval team from the race.

    Prior to the team's withdrawal, Piepoli won stage 10, and Riccò won stage six and stage nine of the Tour de France. Riccò confessed to CONI that he had used EPO and has since received a suspension totalling 24 months.

    According to Spanish media, Piepoli previously confessed to taking EPO; however, he later denied doping when called before CONI as a witness during a hearing concerning Riccò.

    CONI will hold a hearing with Pieopli on Friday, October 10.

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