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Cycling News Flash for June 2, 2006

Date published:
June 02, 2006, 1:00 BST
  • Phonak sidelines Botero and Gutierrez

    Article published:
    June 02, 2006, 1:00 BST
    Jeff Jones,

    The Phonak Cycling Team has put two of its top riders, Santiago Botero and Jose Enrique Gutierrez...

    The Phonak Cycling Team has put two of its top riders, Santiago Botero and Jose Enrique Gutierrez (2nd in the Giro), on the bench in the wake of 'Operacion Puerto'. The Spanish media named these two riders in connection with Doctor Eufemiano Fuentes, who is under suspicion of committing crimes against public health by providing blood transfusions and other doping to Spanish spokespeople.

    "After consultation with the riders involved, Santiago Botero and José Enrique Gutierrez, the team management decided that neither rider will be selected for races until the examinations bring more clarity to the picture," Phonak said in a statement.

    "Botero and Gutierrez are neither dismissed nor suspended," said team manager John Lelangue. "In the interests of the team and to ensure calm for all team members for the coming races, we have decided to take this step. If further investigations show that the riders have used methods that are not permitted, they will of course be dismissed immediately."

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