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The Garmin Vector S measures power at the left pedal

Garmin Vector S left-pedal power meter

August 28, 07:00

This article originally appeared on BikeRadar

On the heels of the Vector two-pedal-based power meter, Garmin announced its new Vector S, a single-pedal power meter that, like the Stages left-crank meter, doubles the measurement taken at the left pedal for wattage readouts. As with Stages and soon the Rotor single-crank power meter, the Vector S is also a less expensive option than the full Garmin Vector setup. Garmin also has a suite of new metrics called Cycling Dynamics that will be available as a software upgrade to current Vector users.

Vector S power-meter pedal

The Vector S comes with two pedals that use Look KeO-compatible cleats. Vector S will be available later this year in Standard (cranks 12-15 mm thick, up to 44 mm wide) and Large (cranks 15-18 mm thick, up to 44 mm wide) for US$899...