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Nicole Freedman

Climbing on the podiums across the US

Cycling News
August 01, 2005, 1:00 BST,
April 21, 2009, 11:56 BST

After 11 years trying to post creative race reports, I cannot figure out what to write. Fortunately,...

After 11 years trying to post creative race reports, I cannot figure out what to write. Fortunately, high school trained me perfectly to deal with such challenging circumstances: copy, paste and edit excerpts from any previous assignment, as quickly as possible, regardless of relevance of two assignments. Here goes:

On the beautiful coastal island of [insert race town] Fitchburg, MA , the Ford-Basis team competed in the Fitchburg Stage Race. Inspired by the pristine beauty of the snow capped peaks and free-range wildlife, the team posted top results. Kele opened with fourth in the time trial, Nicole took second in the circuit race, and the team finished second in the criterium behind Tina Pic, with a model leadout by Kele and Kristin.

Days later, at the Cascade Cycling Classic in Bend, OR, Kristin Danielson blazed to second place on the mountain stage, her first podium finish of the year. Kele earned fourth in the criterium and fifth in the circuit race. One or both of them also finished quite high in the general classification. "I love racing overseas, except sometimes the language barrier makes things difficult," says Kristin Danielson.

Halfway around the country and world, at Super Duper Week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lauren shot to the front of the pack for her best finish of the season, to take fourth in Thursday's stage while Chrissy Ruiter competed at the Giro Italia.

Ford-Basis would like to welcome its new fan club president, Amelia. "Amelia was by far the most experienced of our applicants. In fact, she might be the most capable person associated with the team."

To learn more about Ford-Basis cycling, check out our website: WWW.FORD-BASISCYCLING.COM, or, to join our spam list, email SNERF@AOL.COM the following message, "Go Ford-Basis, Beat T-Mobile."

Recent NRC results:

2nd, Cascade Classic, Road Race
2nd, Longsjo Cycling Classic, criterium
2nd, Longsjo Cycling Classic, road race
4th, Cascade Classic, criterium
4th, Longsjo Cycling Classic, time trial
4th, Superweek, stage
5th, Cascade Classic, circuit

Race Schedule:

7/25-7/31: Altoona, PA - The International
8/6: Raleigh, NC - Bank of America Crit
8/14: Manhattan Beach Criterium
8/21: US Criterium Championships

Three wins in two weeks, and a little from the mouths of babes

Cycling News
June 22, 2005, 1:00 BST,
April 21, 2009, 11:56 BST

The Ford-Basis team capped off its best month of racing since the team's inception three years ago....

The Ford-Basis team capped off its best month of racing since the team's inception three years ago. Led by Chrissy Ruiter, the Ford-Basis women brought home three wins in the last two weeks.

Chrissy rode to victory in the Mt Hood prologue at Hood River, Oregon, marking the first win for one of the team's developmental riders. She rode to victory on her 2005 edition Javelin Arcole TT bike, with Zero brand disk wheel, Rudy Project TT helmets and K-Mart streamers.

Two days later, she sprinted to victory over her two breakaway mates in the criterium, capturing her second win. Chrissy finished up the stage race in second overall, behind Leah Goldstein. "I haven't won a race since beating my sister to, and subsequently through, a set of mailboxes in third grade. My victory salute this time was a bit more cautious."

Across the country, Nicole sprinted for first in the Raleigh Twilight Criterium with the help of teammates Alisha and Lauren, who kept the field together. "I usually go to bed by 8:30 pm. I just went as fast as I could so I could get home to sleep...all the cool kids in high school used to go to bed at 8:30 too."

When not racing, the Ford-Basis women were actively promoting their sponsors to their target market: elementary school kids. Inspired students share their thoughts (actual excerpts from student's letters)

Voler: (Clothing sponsor) "The interesting part was when she showed us the poket (sic) on her shirt. I learned how to go to the bathroom."

Javelin: (Bicycle sponsor) "She was very nice. She has a nice bicycle."

Honey Stinger: (Nutrition sponsor) "I ate one of those honey things right before lunch. Then at lunch I was scholing (sic) all the boys in basketball, of course."

Potential sponsor - online dating service? "I am glad she came because she is pretty. I wish she were here all the time."

Ford: (Title Sponsor) "Her sponsor is awesome. It was Ford. Ford is the best truck ever. That is why Ford is the best truck and sponsor. I like Ford a lot because it can pull good and it can run like a deer. Back to the girl. I thought she was cool." Future EVP of marketing.

On cycling in general: "She told us how Lance Arm Strong wins."

"I am going to write about what that biker chick taught us. She taught us about drifting. Drifting is where you stay behind a guy to stay more arrow dynamic."

Special thanks to the Tenace family for hosting seven Ford-Basis teammates during the Nature Valley Grand Prix. The Tenace's have since moved to a multimillion dollar estate in Key West after an unexpected garage sale windfall selling items left by the riders.

Recent NRC results:

1st, Mt Hood Stage Race, Criterium
1st, Mt Hood Stage Race, Prologue
1st, Raleigh Twilight Criterium
2nd, Mt Hood Stage Race, Overall
2nd, CapTech Classic
2nd, Nature Valley Grand Prix, Manakato Road Race
2nd, Nature Valley Grand Prix, Young Rider Competition
3rd, CSC/ Clarendon Cup
4th, Nature Valley Grand Prix, Time Trial
4th, Mt Hood Time Trial

Race Schedule:

6/16-6/19: Columbus, OH Wendy's International
6/21-6/22: Park City, UT National Championships
6/30-7/3: Fitchburg, MA Fitchburgh Longsjo Classic
7/7-7/10: Bend, OR Cascade Cycling Classic
7/8-7/24: Milwaukee, WI International Cycling Classic
7/25-7/31: Altoona, PA The International
8/6: Raleigh, NC Bank of America Crit


6/1 Mt Hood Discovery Diva's Clinic - Hood River, OR
6/1 Mt Hood School Talk - Hood River, OR
6/28 Landry's Bicycle Clinic - Natick, MA

The Coast with the most: Ford-Basis finishes up West Coast tour

Cycling News
May 05, 2005, 1:00 BST,
April 21, 2009, 11:56 BST

While millions of Americans were glued to their couches with the pretense of watching NCAA March...

While millions of Americans were glued to their couches with the pretense of watching NCAA March Madness, Ford-Basis' cyclists participated in a March Madness of its own. Racers competed in the McLane Cycling Classic, Central Valley Cycling Classic, San Dimas Classic, Redlands Classic, Sea Otter Classic and the Fresno Institute for the Psychologically "Different" Classic.

Nicole, who manages, directs, races for and cleans everyone's bikes with a toothpick hourly, won the crown jewel of the series: The Fresno Institute stab yourself in the skull with a knitting needle contest. "I felt okay afterwards. Like most of my 'roommates', I happened to be wearing a helmet at the time of the contest."

In addition to three fourth place finishes at the McLane Road Race, Gila Criterium and Gila Monster Road Race the team earned four eighth place finishes and five 13th place finishes.

"Clearly, these numbers indicate we are about to win BIG. Title sponsors Ford and Basis are supportive of our investing 100 percent of our sponsorship dollars on lottery numbers 8 and 13. I will call them right now and let them know the good news."

On the promotional side, the team conducted cycling clinics in Detroit, Palo Alto and San Francisco aimed at aspiring racers, participated in the Sea Otter Century and conducted school talks in San Dimas, Silver City and Fresno.

"I love the teaching and coaching side of the sport", says Nicole whose horoscope in "The Onion", April 27th reads:

Gemini: (May 21-June 21)
Good coaching and kind, compassionate discipline
will turn a ragtag group of problem kids into a top-notch team,
but you're just what they need to turn them
back to violence and drug abuse.

To sign up for our email list, please email: with the following subject header: "Go Ford-Basis, Beat T-Mobile". To be removed, that is from the mailing list, please send me a kind email at the Fresno Institute.

Feel free to visit our website:

Top 10 race results:

4th Central Valley Classic Road Race - Chrissy
4th Tour of the Gila Criterium - Alisha
4th Tour of the Gila Monster RR - Chrissy
7th Central Valley Criterium - Nicole
6th Sea Otter Prologue - Chrissy
7th Redlands Criterium - Nicole
8th Redlands Prologue - Chrissy
8th Redlands Road Race, - Chrissy
8th Redlands Overall - Chrissy
9th Tour of the Gila, Time Trial - Kele

Upcoming race schedule:

5/8 Wichita, KS Schofield Cycling Classic
5/13-5/15 Fayetteville, AR Joe Martin Stage Race
5/20-5/22 Russelville, AR Tri-Peaks Challenge
5/26 Richmond, VA CapTech Classic
5/27 Raleigh, NC Raleigh Twilight Criterium
5/28 Baltimore, MD Bike Jam/ Race for Pulaski
5/29 Arlington, VA Clarendon Cup
5/30 Somerville, NJ Tour of Somerville
5/29 Montreal, CAN Montreal WC
6/2-6/5 Hood River, OR Mt Hood Cycling Classic
6/5 Philadelphia, PA Liberty Classic
6/10-6/13 Minneapolis, MN Nature Valley GP

Upcoming promotions:

5/12 Fayetteville, AR Beginning Racer Cycling Clinic
5/12 Fayetteville, AR School Talk
6/1 Mt Hood, OR Beginning Racer Cycling Clinic
6/1 Mt Hood, OR School Talk

Typical home of Stanford classmates

Sometime this off-season

Cycling News
February 09, 2005, 0:00 GMT,
April 22, 2009, 20:20 BST

Hello again all my Cyclingnews fans and mom, This off-season I decided to stowaway (note new sponsor...

Hello again all my Cyclingnews fans and mom,

This off-season I decided to stowaway (note new sponsor Stowaway 2 - I am sly) my bicycle for a bit and see how a normal 32 year-old lives. How exactly have my classmates been spending their time while I have been riding 30 hours a week, traveling the world and lying exhausted on a couch?

1. Night - Unbenknownst to me, 32 year olds not competing in professional sports sometimes stay out after 8:30 pm. The desire to stay up after 8:30 pm, apparently is not proportional to ridiculousness of the bedtime one's parents enforced.

2. This off-season, carefully sandwiched between a heated mattress pad and overstuffed down comforter, my friends and I, spent the morning hours, not laboring up mountains in the cold and rain, but working up enough energy to, and this was not easy, roll over in bed. After a substantial recovery interval, we would then, check the alarm clock and emit a deep muffled sound vaguely resembling a cow being lead to the slaughterhouse, before finally rising at the crack of noon.

3. Never-Been Sports Leagues - often confused by the participants, but never the spectators, with has-been leagues (the truth being we never-were and are way too old to ever be), myself and other 32 year olds sprint around an indoor gym, oblivious to black lines, walls and piercing objects protruding from the walls, in the hopes that a round orange ball will land near or on our arms, head or other body parts. Occasionally, this orange ball makes its way in the vicinity of a round hoop. Rarely does it go in.

4. Cross-training - excerpts from an actual email trying to coordinate a jog with a friend:

a. "Hey Nicole, sorry, I just got back from my morning trot" b. "I saw you out there, I think. I was out on my morning lope and I saw an orange thing waddle by me while I was curled up on the bench."

5. Home Purchases - While I thought nothing of spending the last decade of my life either living in a van or sleeping in the same twin bed I grew up in at my parents house, my friends had secretly been saving up to purchase more traditional homes.

I must admit, a person could get used to this life of sleeping in, casual lopes, afternoon trots, never-been leagues, staying awake later than the average toddler and waking up in a home without wheels or parents. How I love each week's new bruise on the back of my head, staying awake to see the sunset, missing every sunrise and perusing the real estate listings for my first dream home. Am I finally ready to join the other 32 year olds of the world?

Sometime late, VERY late December - I broke down. I crawled down into the basement to look at my Javelin bicycle. Those mid-day, midweek rides along the California coast, intervals up New Mexico's Mount Apache, sprinting for the finish line at the Tour de Toona... I miss those rides. My Javelin and I went out for a ride today and it felt so good.

Here's to another season of racing with my Ford-Basis teammates.

Nicole Freedman

Sprinter, 2000 Olympian and a founder of the Ford-Basis women's team, Nicole Freedman - known as Snerf to her friends - is one of the US circuit's great characters. She, along with her Stanford sharpened-wit, is back as a Cyclingnews diarist in 2005. Her goal? Ride 30 hours a week, travel the world and lie exhausted on a couch!