Jame Carney

Welcome to the Jame Carney diary for 2006. One of the US' longest-serving domestic pro riders, Carney is a track endurance specialist and coach of several other American track specialists. He has ridden for the Shaklee, Prime Alliance and Northwestern Mortgage teams, and this year he is acting like LL Cool J and asking you not to call it a comeback. He’s been here for decades. In 2005, he herniated two discs in his back and screwed up both his knees but swears to LBJ that things are all good and he is ready to battle on. Follow Jame's lively accounts of his adventures as he races/coaches/manages all over the world and possibly in a neighborhood near you, exclusively on Cyclingnews.com.

Introducing Plan B

It is time for Plan B. I’m back to full-time racing status. Welcome to decade three. I've applied...

The Run Down

OK, I want to see a show of hands of who saw the movie "The Run Down" with the Rock and Shawn...
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