Trans Andes stage 5 blog: Racing to stay on course

Tough weather forces course changes on penultimate day

Stage five of the Trans Andes Challenge was held today in Huilo Huilo national reserve. The stage was shortened and changed from the original route because of the weather and the difficulty of the riding.

It was a good idea to change it as we awoke to rain and started in the rain, but maybe some details were missed due to the last minute decision to alter the course. Such as... course marking and sufficent marshalling.

So while we were riding, we came upon, yesterday's course, today's original course, today's modified course and tomorrow's course.

It created a good dose of chaos! Riders ended up everywhere from here to Argentina. Literally.

Rebecca is a survivor and an adventure racer so for better or worse we THINK we rode the correct course and our predicted three hours took five hours and 30 minutes. We are worked over and so are our bikes and equipment.

With such a late finish, it's been very hectic to try and get everything in order for the last day tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we hope to cross into Argentina with our top 10 position still in place. We believe we are in ninth. Keep your fingers crossed for us all.

Jenny Smith

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