Slipping and sliding around Raystown

Keeping the GC lead during a slick stage 4

We woke up to beaytiful skies and cool temperatures. Too bad it rained like hell last night.

Raystown was slick today. I never equated those trails with mud, but now I know. It made for more resistance, lots of slippy sliding, and a total mud bath for body and bike.

Regardless of the mess, the trials at Raystown provide lots of fun twisty pump track style terrain that puts a smile on your face. Well that is until the momentum ends and the course sends you up a grassy climb.

I continue to hold the leaders jersey, but lost about 15 seconds to Sue Haywood. She won the stage by pulling a great super D finish. It is sort of a repeating story. I hope to make it different tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a short stage, but a technical one that will wear you out.

Our Epic team, Team CF, continues in first place with key rider Kaitlyn finishing yet another stage. Her rides are much more exciting than ours. Today our team mechanics teamed up with her for her last lap around Raystown. They had a blast. She has been absolutely amazing. She is so full of life and keeps us all smiling. At awards tonight she talked to the crowd about how our team was created and why. Most importantly she discussed how important it is for those with CF to exercise in order to keep their lungs functioning properly. She thanked the bicycling community for their support and she is proud to be a part of it.

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