Feeling the pull

Team TORQ heads to the Gravity 12 hour

The Gravity 12 hour can only be described as one of those events that every mountain bikers loves. Why? After constant discussions with the team and other riders it's become apparent that mountain bikers love the atmosphere that good events capture. It obviously helps if the venue is wicked for camping, the scenery is awesome and the tracks are sweet as can be.

This is how most people would describe the Gravity 12 hour. Everyone who makes the road trip tends to make a complete weekend of it.

It was held in a picturesque part of the Victorian alpine district - Rosewhite, near Mytleford - an area ravaged by extreme bushfires earlier this year and a region slowly returning to its former glory.

We had entered a male three-man team and all made our way up to Rosewhite dragging the very large and heavy TORQ Jayco base station (home sweet home when we are away with all the comforts including music, tv, oven, microwave, shower, toilet and BBQ). The only down side is there is no room for a jacuzzi.

We were up against two four-man teams from Felt and Merida so the pressure was on before we even got going. Racing for the TORQ team on this fun weekend of racing and socialising we had Dan McConnell (AKA DMac), Luke Fetch (AKA Fetchy or names that can’t be mentioned here) and Steele Von Hoff (AKA Steele - who would need a nickname with a name like that?).

With a running start, the pace was fast from the gun. It wasn't long before our guys took the lead and put the other teams under pressure. As the laps continued to fall the lead increased. It was super hot and dusty so we made sure we consumed a lot of food and drink. Plenty of the sponsor's product - bars and drink - plus a well-deserved BBQ late in the day.

The lead kept building and we lapped the Merida team and nearly caught the Felt team so the guys decided to race each other's lap times which got quite scary. Towards the end of the day, with night descending, Steele was doing his utmost to do a sub 30-minute lap and nearly killing himself in the process. Luckily he did it, to the rest of the teams' delight otherwise he would of kept us all awake talking about 'if only'.

The gravity is one of those 'must do' events. It encompasses everything about mountain biking we all love. Iain and Clayton and the rest of the team at Finishline events, well done! Of course it helps when you win. For me I was supporting the guys with my newborn (baby Jarvis) and wife helping. For the third year running, it was a blast!


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