Broken bike

More haikus, this time describing stage 4

Today's stage 4 will be described in Haiku poems.

the sun come out now
crisp air forces warm clothing
I am not awake

coffee oatmeal eggs
fueling up for the effort
the drill established

start the day rushed
some last minute adjustments
barely make the start

climb begins early
Jeremiah attacks
the rest settle in

descent approaches
rutted vertical loose rocks
I barely survive

a new course today
smooth and flowing singletrack
Colorado trail

I find a rhythm
fatigue tells me to quit
but I forge ahead

somehow drive to ride
faster and faster over
the trail prevails

feeling flow on trail
rocketing down the mountain
rock and bike collide

I speak out loud alone
apologize to my bike
but damage is done

finish the stage 6th
happy with my ride, eating
no flat tires today!

later I see the hole
straight through my scalpel down tube
I am sad. broken bike.

two stages to go
now the Flash will come to play
big wheels tomorrow

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