Breck Epic Blog: Colby Pearce's pre-race thoughts

Eight Haiku poems about race preparation and his first 100-miler

Below are eight Haiku poems about my pre-Breck Epic preparation, including racing my first ever "hundered", the Breck 100.

Breck Epic recon
race 100 miles, one day
now legs are stronger

nine hours of cycling
Wheeler trail brings a big smile
on the way downhill

my stomach empty
cram more food in my mouth
a cavernous pit

I race to Como
hot, dry, dusty road, curse cars
where is aid station?

chain dry and noisy
my bike groans under effort
I push it further

my mind goes beyond
the trail becomes only segments
for me to conquer

final singletrack
riding faster than last time
at Firecracker?

my wife she bakes cakes
chocolate cakes with frosting
buttercream frosting yum

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