Batteries recharged

Off to South Africa for Cape Epic training

The 2012 season is history, and now I am already training for the new year again!

Actually, I am writing this on my way to Stellenbosch, South Africa. This year, I left a little bit later then usual, so I had to get into my training routine while still in the midst of a Swiss winter, but more about that later...

Like every year, Roc d'Azur was my last race of the season, and afterwards I packed my bags for a holiday in Brazil. The first half of it, we spent at Bahia's beaches. Then the rest was in the mountains and city of Belo Horizonte.

Since I would get pretty bored just sun bathing at the beach all day every day, we organized bikes (thanks to Specialized Brasil) and rode them on the sandy beaches towards the south. The sea was always on the left side, the palm trees and Caipirinha bars were on the right side. Zero traffic, zero climbing, 100 percent sun and zero chance of getting lost. Sometimes we ended up walking when the sand was too soft. We made about 20-40km from town to town just with minimum luggage. Perfect holidays!

After my return home, I could did some very cool enduro rides until it was time to go to South Africa. With my charity, we organized a few events there. For example, we took part of one of the most beautiful stage races "Wines2Whales", where you could win in an auction the chance to ride with Burry Stander, myself and a few other celebs. Dinner and a ride were also on the schedule.

By mid-November, I was back in Switzerland again. The time, I recharged my batteries for the upcoming year. I find it very important to also get bored. Not too much though, otherwise I feel rotten, but it is good to feel ready and full of energy when it is time to sit onto the bike, lift weights in the gym or go jogging.

Deep winter hit Switzerland prior my departure for "winter" training in South Africa. I love snow sports, and I also don't mind the cold. As a kid, winter was by far my favorite time, and I spent every free second on my alpine skis. Now I do more backcountry skiing, but still go to my home ski resort for snowboarding or alpine skiing.

For the last three weeks I was at home, there was no day I did not ride on the snow, either with my cyclo-cross bike or my mountain bike. I definitely tested my toughness many days. Like riding in negative temperatures for five hours on snowy roads. But somehow, I liked the challenge. It is all about the perfect gear isn't it?

But now, it will be great to be at my second home in Stellenbosch to have the quality training I need for the next two months. Everything will be about my season's first goal: the Absa Cape Epic.

I wish you all Merry Christmas and a awesome New Year!

Thanks for reading.

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