A new season, a new team

Here we are with the first Hawk Relay Cycling Team diary. I have the honor of letting everyone know...

November 13, 2008

Here we are with the first Hawk Relay Cycling Team diary. I have the honor of letting everyone know about Hawk Relay and what the new team is all about. Most of you were probably familiar with the Momentum Cycling Team comprised of myself, Travis Smith and world keirin champion, Jennie Reed. The team went through a major shake up with some changes which brought us a new team owner, and new title sponsor. Hawk Relay, a video relay provider for the deaf and hearing impaired, is stepping in to provide us with the financial support that we need as we move forward.

First stop as a new team was this year's Interbike. Teammate Travis Smith was by my side for a fun week of bikes, gambling and of course a bit of partying. It has been a few years since I have been, and nothing has changed but it was nice to see people I haven't seen for years and to also connect with new people in the industry. Meetings with the team seemed to be positive and I am looking forward to the up and coming year.

One of the sponsors I am most looking forward to working with is Zoot. Zoot has traditionally been a triathlon company but this year they decided to branch out into the world of compression clothing. My teammates and I tried on all the clothing after speaking to Chris Bohanon and we surely could feel a difference compared to an other compression clothing we have tried. We have some garments coming in next week and we are anxiously awaiting their arrival.

We have started implementing some ideas from a new coaching staff comprised of Hunter Allen and Dr. Marcus Elliott, which I think will help us makes some huge gains. I believe those changes along with my excitement and motivation of being involved with our new team along with Travis and I pushing each other everyday we are going to see some good things this year. Colombia will be our first world cup and I am super excited. I will be riding keirin, sprint and team sprint. So keep your eyes open because we are expecting some exciting things.

Last weekend Travis and I had the opportunity to fly up to northern California and be part of a charity ride that, Robin - our new team owner – put together. The ride is called "Riding for deaf schools" and it will focus on raising money for deaf children to use for programmes at their schools. While this first ride was kind of a test run for rides we would like to do in the future, I think it went great. We had a turnout of about 40 riders and headed out from the deaf school in Fremont, CA. The ride was great and went out on a bike path to the bay.

We got to have lunch halfway through the ride. Travis and I picked up on some signing and learned how to sign our names and some other interesting ones. It was a great day for us and for Hawk Relay and I am looking forward to doing another ride in the near future.

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