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2012 Olympic Games 2012

Date range:
July 28 - August 12, 2012

August 01, Olympic Women's Individual Time Trial: London 29km

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Mark Robinson

Welcome to our live coverage of the 2012 Olympic women’s time trial from London. 24 women will tackle the 29km route at 90-second intervals, which starts and finishes at the famous Hampton Court Palace.

  1. 12:29:15 BST

    Today’s weather is currently overcast with some light rain in London. Temperatures are currently hovering at around 17 degrees Celsius and there is a chance of heavier showers early on this afternoon. The riders will be hoping to have completed the course before then.

  2. 12:29:36 BST

    Clemilda Fernandes Silva of Brazil will be the first to head onto the course at 12:30 local time. Here are some of the key start times for later on in proceedings:


    Elizabeth Armitstead (Great Britain) 12:52:30
    Emma Johansson (Sweden) 12:54:00
    Amber Neben (United States of America) 12:55:30
    Emma Pooley (Great Britain) 12:57:00
    Clara Hughes (Canada) 12:58:30
    Linda Villumsen (New Zealand) 13:00:00
    Marianne Vos (Netherlands) 13:01:30
    Judith Arndt (Germany) 13:03:00
    Kristin Armstrong (United States of America) 13:04:30

  3. 12:30:39 BST

    Silva is one of two sisters at the Games. Her sister Janildes was the early attacker in the road race.

  4. 12:32:50 BST

    And we're underway. Next up is Pia Sundstedt of Finland, who is also an endurance mountain biker and cross country skiier.

  5. 12:33:29 BST

    Defending Olympic champion Kristin Armstrong (USA) is the favourite to win today and is the last rider out on the course. At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing she beat Great Britain’s Emma Pooley into second place by a comfortable margin of 25 seconds. Pooley re-opposes today in front of her home fans and will be desperate to go one better.

  6. 12:34:00 BST

    At 29km, the course is roughly 25% shorter than the one last time in Beijing. There are time splits at 9km and 20km.

  7. 12:34:38 BST

    Lieabet de Vocht is next off. She was national TT champ in 2009 and 2011, and road champ in 2010. She's the sister of Wim de Vocht, who rides for Accent.Jobs-Willems Verandas.

  8. 12:36:00 BST

    Ashleigh Moolman (RSA) had a fine placing in the road race in 10th. Third at the Tour de Free State, she was runner up to Cherise Taylor in the RSA TT champs, but that was way back in March. Taylor protested about her selection.

  9. 12:36:54 BST

    It's now the turn of Audrey Cordon. She got into the breakaway briefly in the road race with Ellen van Dijk. Aged 22, she was 2nd in the French time trial championships.

  10. 12:37:42 BST

    Russia's Tatiana Antoshina is a bit more experienced than youngster Cordon. She celebrated her 30th birthday at the Games. She won the Trophee d'Or in 2011.

  11. 12:38:38 BST

    Aggressive start by the Russian. She gone off hard and fast.

  12. 12:39:24 BST

    Next off is Elena Tchalykh, who is Azerbaijan's only time trial competitor today. She's also an accomplished track rider - third in the world championships for three years. She's 38 years old.

  13. 12:40:44 BST

    The next woman off, Tatiana Guderzo, is one of the bigger names among the early starters - she's been on the podium of the Giro Donne, four time Italian TT champion, and was world champion in Mendrisio (road race).

  14. 12:41:09 BST

    Guderzo also took bronze in the road race in Bejing in 2008.

  15. 12:42:09 BST

    Canadian Denise Ramsden is another young rider who is on the Optum Pro Cycling team in the USA. Only 21, she's not exactly new on the international scene but is getting the nod from her federation for development here. She is the national road race champion, having beaten Clara Hughes in a two-up sprint.

  16. 12:43:20 BST

    The initial starters are closing in on the first time check.

  17. 12:44:02 BST

    Olga Zabelinskaya is the bronze medalist in the road race here in London. She had her medal hopes on the time trial, but already accomplished that goal. We'll see how intense the parties have been since then...

  18. 12:45:44 BST

    Emilia Fahlin is next up. The Swede is a fan favourite and a top time trialist. Shes' twice been Swedish TT champion before but not this year.

  19. 12:46:25 BST

    Fahlin rides with Specialized-Lululemon

  20. 12:46:42 BST

    And Silva has gone through the first time check in 15:38.

  21. 12:48:07 BST

    Trixi Worrack is Germany's number two time trialist. She was second to Arndt in the German championships, and is a past German RR champion.

  22. 12:49:56 BST

    Noemi Cantele (Italy) won silver in the TT in the 2009 worlds, and was national TT champion in 2009 and 2011.

  23. 12:50:11 BST

    Over half of the 24 riders are now on the road.

  24. 12:51:10 BST

    Shara Gillow (Australia) has the Olympics in her genes. Her father represented Zimbabwe in 1980.

  25. 12:51:33 BST

    She has won the Australian national TT championships for the last two years.

  26. 12:52:52 BST

    Fans will remember that Eleonora Van Dijk was the woman doing most of the work for Vos in the road race on Sunday. How much she will have left for this TT? She's also a past trackie, as most of the Dutch are. She was scratch race world champion in 2008.

  27. 12:54:07 BST

    Lizzie Armitstead (GBr), silver medalist in the road race, also got her start on the track. She was part of the world champion team pursuit squad in 2009. She gets a rapturous reception from the home fans.

  28. 12:54:40 BST

    Emma Johansson (Swe) has been at the top of the women's peloton consistently for years. She's dual Swedish champion, and has been on the podium of numerous World Cup races, but has only won one. She took silver in the road race in Beijing.

  29. 12:56:18 BST

    Armitstead caused a stir in cycling circles earlier in the week when she spoke out against sexism and inequality in the women's ranks. Read all about what she had to say right here.

  30. 12:57:31 BST

    Here comes Emma Pooley of Great Britain to the start. As mentioned earlier, she finished second in Beijing. She is well-fancied here but might prefer a more undulating course. Time will tell.

  31. 12:57:53 BST

    Like Armitstead, Pooley gets a tremendous reception from the crowd.

  32. 12:58:52 BST

    Pooley loves nothing more than riding flat out on her own. She's won a number of races that way like at numerous World Cups and the 2010 Worlds.

  33. 13:00:15 BST

    Clara Hughes (Canada) is the oldest competitor and the most experienced at the Olympics. Turning 40 in September, she made her comeback specifically for this event. She already owns two Olympic cycling medals - both time trial and road race from 1996, and also a gold medal in speedskating.

  34. 13:01:07 BST

    Linda Villumsen started her career with a Danish license, but changed her nationality to New Zealand in 2010.

  35. 13:01:57 BST

    She's been Danish road race champion three times, won silver in the time trial at the worlds in 2011, and bronze in the previous two worlds.

  36. 13:03:07 BST

    Marianne Vos (Netherlands) is on top of the world. What can you say? She's won so many races it's hard to count them. One stats site has over 150 wins to her name between track cycling, cyclo-cross, mountain bike and road. Only Leontien Van Moorsel Zijlaard has won medals in both the time trial and road race. But back in 2000, she also won a gold on the track as well...

  37. 13:03:41 BST

    And Vos has gone off very quickly. Time trialling isn't her strength but she can never be ruled out.

  38. 13:04:45 BST

    Judith Arndt (Germany) is the reigning world champion, she separated from her former teammates to join the new GreenEdge team. She won silver in the road race in Athens, famously flipping the bird because the German federation didn't choose Petra Rossner, who she felt could have won gold.

  39. 13:05:22 BST

    She's been world champion twice - once in the TT and also the 2004 road race (she did not flip the bird when she won the worlds road race)...

  40. 13:06:19 BST

    Defending champion Kristin Armstrong (USA) is racing to win gold for her son, which she had between Beijing and now. She had a hard time coming back last year and lost her bid to race worlds after a protest by Amber Neben. She flew to Copenhagen only to find out she'd lost the arbitration when she stepped off the plane.

  41. 13:06:39 BST

    And that's it - all the riders are out on the course

  42. 13:07:21 BST

    Armstrong has come back with a vengance this year and has been killing the time trials. Even after crashing and breaking her collarbone in the Exergy Tour she was faster than most of the field. Twice world champion, three time US champion, she took 2nd in the Tour of Flanders this year, showing that her form this year is absolutely world class.

  43. 13:08:26 BST

    Olga Zabelinskaya is the leader through the first checkpoint in a time of 14:13.

  44. 13:09:58 BST

    Johansson over a minute down on Zabelinskaya

  45. 13:10:25 BST

    Pooley will be next through the first split...

  46. 13:11:15 BST

    Amber Neben (USA) goes into second through the first check

  47. 13:12:23 BST

    Pooley goes through the first split in 14:06 and is the virtual leader through that point. Crowd loving that...

  48. 13:13:56 BST

    Pia Sundstedt (Fin) has posted the quickest finishing time in 40:01.

  49. 13:15:52 BST

    Villumsen (13:57) and Hughes (14:05) quicker than Pooley through the first check...

  50. 13:16:34 BST

    Vos is approaching the first time check...

  51. 13:17:41 BST

    Vos is 71 seconds down in 13th place...

  52. 13:18:09 BST

    Arndt through the first check in 4th (14:06)

  53. 13:19:18 BST

    Armstrong goes through the first split in first position

  54. 13:19:57 BST

    In 13:56:38 - very tight between her and Villumsen

  55. 13:20:51 BST

    Arndt was surprisingly slow and she and Pooley could be battling for bronze if Villumsen and Armstrong keep this up.

  56. 13:21:31 BST

    Arndt has caught Vos...

  57. 13:22:53 BST

    Zabelinskaya takes the lead with a finishing time of 37:37 - the first sub-40 minute time

  58. 13:24:10 BST

    Neben has overtaken Johansson

  59. 13:24:43 BST

    Still only one rider under 40 minutes as the big guns approach the second split.

  60. 13:26:15 BST

    Pooley through the second split in second place - but 20 seconds slower than Zabelinskaya

  61. 13:26:38 BST

    Worrack into second at the finish in 39:20

  62. 13:27:20 BST

    Clara Hughes faster than Pooley through the second split and is second quickest.

  63. 13:27:44 BST

    Villumsen approaching the second split...

  64. 13:28:25 BST

    Villumsen into first place at the second split - seven seconds quicker than anyone else

  65. 13:30:39 BST

    Van Dijk into second at the finish

  66. 13:31:31 BST

    Judith Arndt is just three seconds down on Villumsen's time. She's picked up considerably over the second sector. Just waiting on Armstrong now...

  67. 13:34:02 BST

    Armstrong 4.8 seconds quickest through the second split. Is she on course for a repeat victory?

  68. 13:34:13 BST

    Rain now coming down a little stronger here

  69. 13:35:10 BST

    SECOND CHECK: Armstrong, Villumsen, Arndt, Zabelinskaya, Hughes, Pooley

  70. 13:36:46 BST

    Pooley finished in 38:37. She's currently second but a medal looks out of the question at this stage with faster riders out on the course...

  71. 13:37:58 BST

    Hughes through in 38:29 - in the silver medal position so far.

  72. 13:39:06 BST

    Villumsen up into second position. Zabelinskaya still leading.

  73. 13:40:50 BST

    Armstrong sweeps past Vos with a few km left. Three minute swing there. Amazing.

  74. 13:41:34 BST

    Arndt quickest. Sets Armstrong a target of 37:50 for the gold...

  75. 13:42:42 BST


  76. 13:43:03 BST

    She somes home in a time of 37:34 for a comfortable win

  77. 13:43:56 BST



    1 K Armstrong (USA)

    2 J Arndt (Ger)

    3 O Zabelinskaya (Rus)

  78. 13:44:12 BST

    Armstrong's winning margin was just under 16 seconds

  79. 13:50:55 BST

    Tremendous performance there by Armstrong. At the grand old age of 38 she has proved that she is still the world's best time triallist.


    Solid performance by Arndt in second but the real surprise was Zabelinskaya, who beat big names like Villumsen and Pooley to the bronze medal.


    There will be full results and a full report right here as we get them.


    Stay tuned to Cyclingnews for full live coverage of the men's time trial, which starts at 14:15 BST.